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This game was made for the jam "Build your own game jam" which was created by the YouTuber DriftwoodGaming. It is the first ranked game jam I enter and I hope I won't be too bad to it.

The challenge was to choose at least two out of ten creative constraints and build a playable game with them.

The constraints were interesting if taken one by one, but it got harder when I had to mix them.

I've created "The Mute Spell" with these constraints:

  • Silent Protagonist and Silent Villain/Antagonist (major)
  • Not what it seems (major)
  • Hidden cheats (minor)

The game is made with RPG Maker VX Ace and should be 20 to 30 minutes long.

The story

A muted rogue named Blaine relaxes on the beach when he learns that the sorcerer who muted him a few years ago now works for a villain who wants to take over the world! I won't reveal the villain's identity in the game page. You will have to download and play my game to see who it is.  There's one thing we'll be sure, the "Not what it seems" constraint will be respected.

Blaine wants to find the sorcerer and force him to negate the Mute spell.

Lucky for him, he won't be alone in his quest. He will meet two sisters with very different personalities and he will convince them (while mute, how?) to help him.


RPG Maker VX Ace game engine by Enterbrain
Default assets by Enterbrain
Minor assets by Fflo
Scripts by MogHunter, Yanfly, Fflo
"Deep beneath Beryllium grotto" music by Auron Silverburgh ; RMN Music Pack 2


TheMuteSpell-BuildYourOwnGameJam-Fflo 75 MB

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