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I've been creating my own pack of scripts for RPG Maker VX Ace.

Download the showcase project. Speak to everybody to see my scripts in action.


NameWhat it does
Custom BubbleAdds custom emote bubbles with a picture of your choice (inanimated)
Jump to PlayerA custom move route to make any event jump to the same tile as the player
Multi-Switch CheckTwo custom methods for checking many switches at once:
* All of them are set to True
* At least one of them is set to True
Playtime RunDisplays little information about your time of play (can be used to simulate a speedrun for example)
Revert CommandsReverts commands on the map if a specific switch is enabled
Scene AboutAdds a little option on the title screen to display some text.
Used in The Mute Spell, one of my RPG Maker games!
Search Script CallsSearches all Fflobox script calls in your project (debugging tool, as I may update other scripts)
Skip Scene_TitleSkips the title screen and launches a new game. (Incompatible with the Scene About)
Slightly Better Window_MapNameEnhances the default Window_MapName. The map name is displayed at the top center of the screen, instead of top-left
Slightly Better Sprite_TimerEnhances the default Sprite_Timer. The timer displays at top-left with a small background behind it
Special Actor MethodsTwo custom methods (currently) for editing data on some actors, as these event commands don't exist:
* Replace an actor's description
* Set an actor's level to X (event command only allows increasing/decreasing the level by X)
Specific Action FailureReplaces the default text ("No effect on Eric!") that displays when a state couldn't be added to the target
Victory Quote and Lose Quote (2 scripts)Displays short dialogues when you win a battle or lose one
Word CensoringIf a specific switch is ON, replace any word of your choice with asterisks (if "cabbage" was in the list, it would now display as "c******")

Terms of use

No need to give too much detail.

  • Free to use in any project
  • Credit is needed (linking to this page is the best thing you can do, donations are nice too! Advised donation of 10 cents per script)
  • Feel free to edit to your needs
  • Make great games with them!

By the way, you are allowed to use my tileset (incomplete though) in your game.


2023/03/17 - v1.2
15 scripts
New characters (free to use)
Custom Bubble now works with an event ID instead of x and y coords

2022/12/04 - Showcase video uploaded

2022/11/18 - v1.1
10 scripts
New map
Fixed the caterpillar not moving with the Revert Commands

2022/10/28 - v1.0
5 scripts


The zip file you will download includes a sample project featuring all of my scripts.

Problems? Suggestions?

Just add a comment!

If you need to warn me about an error in one script, please tell me what you were doing before it occurred.


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Fflobox v1.2 27 MB
Fflobox v1.1 14 MB

Development log


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